Barbecues: A guide for party starters

Barbecues are a great summer hit, and although the summer isn’t all about us, it’s the perfect time to prepare. Buying all your equipment out of season will not only save you money, but also make sure you’re prepared if we get the sudden sunlight or day spell without the traditional British summer rain. FantaSea BBQ & Grill.

Barbecues in many countries are a traditional way of cooking food and each has its own spin on exactly what to cook and how, even the name is argued over. It is considered barbecue, barbecue, barbecue, bar-b-que and barbie.

Whatever you want to call it, there are 3 main types of barbecue, depending on the type of fuel and charcoal, gas and wood. Each offers a full variety of advantages and disadvantages for cooking activities to be considered.

Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecue

Gas barbecues are the main type of petrol on the market today.  These barbecues have the tremendous advantage of being fantastically comfortable.

They are easy to set up (only attach the gas bottle) and at a consistent temperature and velocity cook things. This makes it easier to follow recipes and prepare food for a specific time, especially after a grill workout.

Gas grills are also very easy to light, and many come with integrated spark ignition switches. Other advantages of gas grills include the lack of pollutants affecting both the flavor of the meat and the air around the barbecue, creating a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

A significant criticism leveled at gas barbecues is that they lack the real smoke taste of wood or charcoal barbecues; however, this can be remedied by adding a small, perforated metal box (called a smoker box).

This may require some slowly burning wooden chips to offer the same unique flavor as a wooden barbecue. This function is constructed into many of the biggest spectrum of barbecues and may even feature a distinctive burner dedicated to the job.

Gas barbecues cook food at a steady speed, but produce humid heat, making water one of the products of combustion. Some people believe that this affects the flavor of the food and negates the point of the experience of bbq. This wet heat prevents some goods from drying out, keeping water on the plus side. Because gas is predictable and easy, it is ideal for larger organizations as you can simply add and serve meals.

Charcoal Barbecue

Charcoal Barbecue

Charcoal barbecues are a little more traditional than their counterparts with gas. They are hard to light and usually include a bag of briquettes of process charcoal or a large lump of natural charcoal.

Lighting techniques may involve help such as starting a chimney or soaking briquettes in a denatured alcohol (or other non-petroleum-based fuel) to prevent unwanted chemical flavouring of meat.

You can also choose to heat the coals using an electric iron. You may choose to add some water soaked wood chips for your taste once you’re ready.

Cooking on charcoal is much more convenient for portable cooking than gas, but not as easy as it lasts longer and problems with lighting can occur for beginners. Many regard Charcoal barbecues as the most traditional (especially in England) and are the only thing that counts as a real barbecue.

Often, while consuming time, they can produce amazing outcomes, although I would not suggest them for large parties.

Wood Barbecues

Wood Barbecues

Wood fuel barbecues are not as easy to buy as their charcoal and gas counterparts. Although for a specific flavor you can easily choose a good wood, they can leave a tar type residue on your food.

They can also offer a lighting problem to an experienced barbecue client, but no serious challenge. Mezquite, hickory, maple, pecan, apple and oak are the preferred woods.

Woods for conifer prevention. Wood types have different burning constancies and levels of heat, it is best to first experiment or blend your chosen wood with charcoal to optimize your effect.

Barbecue Brands

Outback: Outback gas barbecues / grill products have been on sale in the UK since 1997. They have acquired globally recognition as a quality product and although not established as long as some companies have a strong market grasp and a very strong reputation for reliable and attractive gas barbecues. They have a broad range of products and some excellent accessories such as trays of condiments, thermometers and boxes of smokers. Outback also has a dedicated UK office, which means that the available products are intended specifically for the UK market. Many online retailers stock the variety Outback but only the exclusive UK range of flaming stock, a specially constructed stainless steel bbq and trolley set.

BillyOh: BillyOh is a retail brand based in the UK that stores a wide variety of garden living accessories from benches to barbecues to sheds. There are barbecues with both gas and charcoal and a wide range of costs. They are of extremely high quality, although not as well established as outback, and are rapidly expanding through the ranks of garden accessory retailers. The great thing about BillyOh is that it offers such a wide variety of goods that you can build your entire garden party from its range of tables and chairs to patio heaters. They are an excellent choice for the new home owner or when they first need the full kit to begin their barbecue party.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is a large brand focusing on outdoor heating and eating products. They are well known and often offer a product choice that is more elegant than their counterparts. While sometimes slightly more expensive if the things you are looking for are their products, they can guarantee that they will be of good quality and reliable.

Tips & Advice

While fun and easy on the ground, barbecue can be a difficult business, the last thing you want is to cook for a group of friends and family and give them food poisoning due to inexperience.

One of the most important factors stays in the scenario command in hosting barbecues. This means at all times paying attention to the fire and never distracting yourself from performing too many other tasks or drinking hard. Alcohol seriously impairs judgment and there could be anything to do with the effects of food poisoning, a ruined meal or death. When organizing a barbecue, please remember to stay sober and stay safe; you can always have a drink later once the meal is over.

A great way to ensure the cleanliness of your barbecue is also to give it a pleasant burn-off of ten minutes before use. To ensure that your food does not stick to the grill, simply wash it with vegetable oil afterwards. If you notice a yellow tipped creeping flame, you may have a blockage, usually with a smoke test. This occurs more often on gas barbecues and is usually caused by the blocking of a jet by dust, cobwebs, or grease. Cleaning up the barbecue will make sure it’s cooled down enough first.

Chinese takeaways ‘ foil trays are an outstanding accessory for cooking side meals such as beans or dipping sauces. These can be purchased from most supermarkets, keeping the food warm and being afterwards disposable.

Light citronella candles around your garden to keep unwanted insects away, they’re not only effective these days, they’re also relatively cheap. Lavender is also a good choice. If you’ve got fussy neighbors you might want to mask the cooking smell by connecting some garlic, sage or mint to the outside of your bbq as they warm up they will give off lovely aroma.

I hope this post gives you a good idea of what’s on the market and what you might want from a barbecue, and I look forward to your next barbecue party, whether it’s your first or fifty, going down with a storm. Have any questions? Contact us.

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