Consuming Chocolates: Health Benefits


Knowing that consuming chocolates can be helpful would be surprising. But not all chocolate varieties can deliver the same number of advantages. The more processed it is, the less advantages it maintains in terms of health. This is also the reason why the popularity of raw cacao products has increased.

Non-raw dark is also comparatively healthy as long as it does not contain too many added unhealthy components such as elevated syrup of fructose maize.

Some prevalent benefits and health benefits of chocolate consumption are listed below.

High in Antioxidants

Cocoa includes flavanols, only discovered in cocoa and chocolate, a type of flavanoid. It is known that flavanoids behave as antioxidants. They also assist to counteract the body’s free radicals.

Blood Pressure Benefits

Dark chocolate in individuals with high blood pressure reduces blood pressure. A chocolate bar can function as an instant stimulus when a individual feels uncomfortable and low in sugar.

Lower LDL Cholesterol

It has been shown that eating a few parts of dark chocolate every now and then reduces LDL cholesterol by as much as 10%.

Natural Anti-Depressant

Chocolate includes serotonin, which also helps in endorphin manufacturing as a natural anti-depressant, creating emotions of happiness and enjoyment. Indeed, a specific research showed that it was more pleasurable to melt in the mouth than to kiss passionately. This also illustrates why when they are depressed, many individuals naturally reach for chocolate.

Cancer Fighter

Several trials have discovered that together with other ingredients such as tea, red wine, blueberries and garlic, it is one of the finest cancer-fighting ingredients. Current study demonstrates that chocolate operates in dual ways as a cancer fighter, inhibits cell division and decreases inflammation as well.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Research has discovered that chocolate theobromine prevents tooth decay by removing the most commonly found streptococcus mutants in the oral cavity. This specific bacterium is the one that adds significantly to the decay of the tooth. Consequently, visiting a dentist is not always due to chocolate consumption. Brushing instantly after consuming chocolate is always advisable. If stuck in it for a longer period of time, it can lead to tooth decay.

High in Magnesium Cacao

In magnesium, chocolate is greater than nearly any other plant. Magnesium is a vital mineral that helps regulate the processes of neurology, respiratory and digestion. Since many individuals suffer from magnesium deficiency, they can enhance general health by adding magnesium-rich dark to their daily diet.

Artery Cleanup

Cacao antioxidants assist wipe out and eliminate the plaque that often builds up in the arteries.

Brain Health

Dark chocolate can assist protect the brain from further harm after a stroke by shielding the nerve cells. Studies also indicate that memory can be enhanced.

Both dark and milk are comparatively healthy, and the healthier it is, the darker the chocolate. Therefore don’t worry about giving friends and family chocolates.

However, consideration should be given to consuming any product in appropriate quantities. Anything excessively consumed could have an adverse effect and will not do our health justice.

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