How Much Do Cooks Make An Hour?

This is a very interesting question, in this article, I am going to explain how much cooks make an hour and what their actual motive is. Not only that, I will also point out how much do cooks make at sonic as well as how much do cooks make at olive garden. After all, Cooking is a very lengthy process and requires thorough precision and dedication with good knowledge of several recipes. If you are looking to get into the food industry and want to know how much cooks make per hour, this article might solve your problem.

how much do cooks make an hour

What are cooks supposed to do?

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As a cook, you will have to prepare dishes and work with your teammates in a very hot and dangerous environment. Injuries can range from minor to severe and can include cuts, bruises or burns. Cooking is not an easy job and requires years of experience, thus the pay rate in this field is somewhat high than other jobs available. You could also open a small local business in your area that won’t most likely require a large team which means you can cook at your own pace.

A cooks’ main motive is to make the best dish possible with the right recipes, so it requires great creativity skills.

How much does a cook make an hour?

This somewhat depends on the type of job you do and the business you are cooking for. If it’s a high-end restaurant, cooks can earn up to $18.25 per hour with several other benefits including getting to eat for free during shifts without paying a single penny. However, the average pay is $14 per hour and payment may range from time spent, the number of shifts done and the restaurant itself.

Personal chefs earn even more due to years of experience and they are usually the ones who run their own business. An average pay rate for a personal chef could range between $50 to $100 per hour. Personal chefs have their own clients which makes it way easier for them to manage their time and work in a calm environment without having the risk of injuries or any issues that may occur in a normal kitchen.

How much do cooks make at olive garden?

How much do cooks make at olive garden

This question has been circulating for a while, cooks at olive garden make $10.78 – $17 per hour depending on their experience. It may not be a high pay rate, but it’s enough to start a normal career and think ahead. The food industry can be beneficial if you are serious about going in the line of cooking, but it requires hard work and it does pay off.

How much do cooks make at sonic?

I have been curious about how much do cooks make at sonic. Sonic is not a well-known business like KFC or McDonald’s but it does have a good reputation, the average salary is $7.87 per hour which is average enough for a part-time job.


Cooking is not an easy industry to pursue your career in, but if it’s done right you can earn way more than the average pay range. It just requires your attention, experience and your love for food and cooking. Recipes are fun to make and that is the main thing that makes cooking a fun hobby instead of a boring job. Hopefully, this article helped answer all your questions, see you all next time!

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